Project: Jilalan Lookout

Work Involved with Project: Road Geometric Design, Stormwater Overland Flow Design, Landscaping Design, Design Documentation, Cost Estimates and Design Support During Construction

Tetra Consulting was approached by their client with a concept, to transform an existing baron area into a viewing area with informative coal infrastructure to provide the public with an insight into the coal rail industry whilst providing a coal rail backdrop.  Tetra Consulting used this concept to design and document a place of significance for tourists and locals alike, providing shade shelters, viewing platforms, picnic areas and tree varieties that will provide adequate shade as they grow.

This facility has been welcomed by the community as reported on the Mackay Regional Council’s website on 26th May 2014 and in the Mackay Daily Mercury on 29th August 2014 (a link to both pages have been provided below):

Jilalan Lookout Tetra Consulting  Jilalan Lookout Tetra Consulting
Pre-Construction                                                               Post-Construction