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Tetra Consulting Is On Local Buy

Tetra Consulting’s application to Local Buy has been accepted for:

  • Engineering Consultancy Services (BUS 226-0212); and
  • Planning, Design & Architecture (BUS 245-0314).

Being on Local Buy enables Tetra Consulting to continue its close working relationship with Local Government agencies to deliver Engineering & Design solutions that achieves the best outcome for the community.

What is Local Buy?
Local Buy is a prequalified agreement between an Engineering Company and Local Government.  “Purchasers using Local Buy contracts are compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 in their procurement activities.”

Tetra Consulting’s Quality System achieves Third Party Accreditation

Tetra Consulting is committed to providing technical engineering excellence, outstanding customer service and professional integrity.  In order to achieve these objectives, Tetra Consulting has developed and implemented a Quality System Manual to ensure all of our services and deliverables achieve the highest standards of quality.

Tetra Consulting is very pleased to announce that this Quality System Manual was recently audited by ICG Compliance, and has been awarded third party accreditation in accordance AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.  To view a copy of our Quality System Manual Registration Certificate, please use the following link.

QMS Registration Certificate (March 2014)